Superior profit and revenue

PPC marketing is often the single biggest cost to any travel website. Our software saves our customers on average 30% on their PPC Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and PPC conversions are up 50%.

Free up valuable time for your
Digital Marketing team

Hours working on bidding and reporting tasks now takes minutes. This gives you time to focus on other key channels to online success: SEO, conversion rate optimisation, display ad remarketing and many more.

Huge savings on
PPC management fees

Whether your team works directly with us (recommended) or through a third-party agency, we are so confident in our software’s long-term ability to benefit your business we offer some of the lowest rates around.


AI driven CPA targeting

AI driven CPA targeting

It is a myth in the PPC industry that there should be a fixed ROI or CPA target. Especially for the travel industry when empty seats/rooms need filling or higher revenue/commission targets need to be gained. Our bidding algorithm uses core microeconomic principles together with revolutionary AI technology to find the Optimum ROI.

The Optimum ROI must be fluid, adapting and reacting to constant changes in market variables such as seasonality, conversion rate, traffic spikes, average basket value and average profit margin – variables which directly affect the demand and marginal revenue curves.

AI technology allows us to accurately achieve this goal.

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Combined use of user behaviour and conversion data

Combined use of user behaviour and conversion data

The average travel customer makes around 5-10 web searches over 10-20 days (before purchase). These searches are across multiple channels/devices/browsers and many customers will clear their cookies regularly.

This leads to standard post-sale conversion data often being lost and therefore prone to under-reporting sales or attributing revenue to the wrong sales channel (e.g. Direct, SEO, Remarketing).

Our algorithm grades keywords using a unique combination of user behaviour and conversion data. This plugs the gaps for lost data and incorrect attribution - considerably increasing opportunities in the PPC campaign.

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Multi channel approach to ROI

Multi channel approach to

Most online revenue channels are extremely interlinked. The average travel customer makes around 5-10 web searches over 10-20 days before making their purchase decision and they will often click on a combination of PPC ads, organic links, direct website access, social media and remarketing.

According to an Econsultancy and Google study, 95% of leading marketers agree that “to truly matter, marketing analytics KPIs must be tied to broader business goals.” Our software works to maximise revenue and profit of all your website traffic, not just your tracked PPC sales.

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Case Studies

Tracked ppc
Cost per
acquisition (CPA)
12 month trial

Premium Tours is one of the largest tour operators in the UK with a PPC budget in 2017 of circa £450k per annum (over 20,000 active keywords) and website revenue of over £3m+ per annum.

Tracked ppc
Cost per
acquisition (CPA)
2 month trial

The premier nightlife attraction ticket in Amsterdam with expansion in London and Barcelona. The PPC campaign is running on 2000 active keywords in multiple regions acrosts Europe

Ahilan Thangathurai

Group Finance Director - Premium Tours Group

Using the Optimum ROI platform we have been consistently able to beat the big travel industry players such as Viator, Tripadvisor and Expedia on the PPC landscape. Optimum ROI has been key to Premium Tours increasing website revenue by £400k and website profits have increased by £90,000.

Gregory Premdani

Digital Marketing Manager - Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket

Optimum ROI is so easy to use and we saw a drastic reduction in our CPA in just one month. Conversions are up by a significant amount too.